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We all know how painful a toothache is or a situation where you need urgent help in alleviating dental pain and could not wait till you make it to the dentist. Here are some quick remedies which is going to help you contain the pain immediately, albeit for a short period of time.

Did you just encounter tooth pain?

Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Do not apply any hot pack directly to the

painful site. If any food particle is stuck to the tooth, clean it using toothbrush/

inter-dental aids. Visit your dentist to get a correct diagnosis and a needful treatment

for your problem. Avoid over the counter drugs.

Filling came out while eating something?

If your filling is lost or broken while chewing any hard food, do not panic and do not

delay, see your dentist for re-restoration of the lost filling immediately.

Had an accidental fall/trauma?

If the tooth is fractured and a part of tooth is broken, save the portion of broken tooth

(if possible) and get it to the dentist immediately for the needful treatment. If bleeding

is present apply a clean gauze cloth till the bleeding is stopped/ you see the dentist. If

the tooth has come out of the socket, rinse the missing tooth only with water by

holding its crown portion (the portion that is visible to our eyes when the tooth is in

our mouth) not the root. Then try to replace it in its original position till you reach to

your dentist or else store the missing tooth in a cup of milk till you reach your dentist.

Did you just see a Swelling?

If you notice a swelling (can be present near a tooth, on the gums or can be seen

outside the mouth, on the cheeks) it can be due to an infection and it has to be treated

immediately. See your dentist immediately and while waiting rinse with warm salt

water. Do not apply any balm or hot pack onto the swelling area.

Did your crown come out?

Do not worry, keep the crown safely and get it to your dentist as soon as possible. It

will be fixed if its not broken.

Did you break your brackets while eating/ is the wire hurting your mouth?

Store the broken bracket and schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as

possible. Apply the wax onto the sharp wire given by your dentist while waiting to

meet your dentist. Or you can use a small piece of pencil eraser on the sharp edge.

Quick remedies are good for alleviating pain for a short time. For long term permanent solution make a dentist appointment; do it today.

Let us help you prevent oral diseases.

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